Saturday, October 1st, 2022

This is life in Miami from the eyes of immigrants

The famous Peruvian writer Pedro Medina León, who lives in Miami, has narrated the life of emigrants once they arrive on American soil, especially Latinos, who generally seek the city of Miami to settle, according to Diario Las Americas.

Medina León, is a writer who has embarked on a successful career as a narrator. His literary imprint is felt in books marked by a critical and reflective look at the life of foreigners on North American soil.

The central body of the  book  is structured as a diary that begins with the protagonist, Martín, a young law student about to graduate, leaving Lima with just $120 in his pocket and a one-way ticket. The destination, Miami. Then a series of encounters and disagreements follow one another, which mark the sequential and dramatic rhythm of the novel or of the stories, since it is possible to perceive it in both genres.

Callejero is the story of an adventurer, although those around him in his new life are not; usually his companions in misfortune flee from dictatorships, organized crime, violence and hunger in their countries. Fighting people in search of a future in a country of real possibilities.

Reading Callejeros leads to the inevitable meeting between past and present, where what is left behind, in the distance, will always be more unfortunate than the crudest scenes of the moment. This is valued when the narrator points out: “I think that until now I have not mentioned that eighteen years have passed since I left Lima and that I spent five undocumented…”.

As almost always happens in literature, there is fiction and reality. What is clear is that Pedro Medina León found his way in Miami and also, a wonderful door, that of becoming a writer.

Pedro Medina León will talk about his book and his literature in general next Friday the 18th, at 8 pm, at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center.

Then we leave you the following link so you can purchase the book through Amazon, click here.

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