Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Police dismantled dangerous gang “Sex Money Murder” in Florida

A police operation against the gang “Sex Money Murder” (Sex Money Murder) resulted in the arrest or indictment of 41 people in Florida, reported the Polk County Sheriff, in the center of the state.

The operation, which took place over a year, led to the filing of charges against 41 suspects, 12 of whom are accused of organized crime, EFE reported .

The investigation began in March 2021 when, based on information obtained from criminal investigations, detectives discovered an extensive criminal network associated with this gang, the sheriff’s office said in a statement released Wednesday.

Among the criminal activities attributed to the suspects, several of them of Latino origin, are the sale of drugs, robberies, the introduction of contraband into prisons, conspiracy to commit murder and coordinated attacks on other gang members.

“Everything you need to know about this gang is in their name: Sex Money Murder,” Polk Sheriff Grady Judd said.


Judd, who participated in a press conference together with the attorney general of the state of Florida, Ashley Moody, explained that it would be an “organized criminal company, ruthlessly focused on violence, theft, fraud and taking advantage of the human misery and the violence of the illegal drug trade”.

The police investigation identified numerous members of the gang, who operate both inside and outside of prisons in Florida and North Carolina.


“The goal is to dismantle the hierarchy” of the gang, Judd said at the press conference, noting that they are “just” beginning to arrest gang members thanks to this investigation.

The gang’s leader, Hernando Thompson Jr., 36, has a warrant for his arrest.

During the police operation, the detectives also seized drugs equivalent to 1.5 million dollars, 18 firearms and more than 17,000 dollars in cash.




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