Thursday, December 1st, 2022

Alert! Hollywood Beach waters polluted for swimmers

An alert was recently issued about bacteria in the waters of Hollywood beaches, so local authorities recommend not swimming in those beaches in South Florida, as reported by WSVN.

The samples collected from the waters of Hollywood Beach on Thursday did not meet the state requirements recommended by experts, for this reason it becomes a health risk for the population and tourists.

All other beaches in Broward County gave satisfactory results.

The stretch of beach considered unsafe is between Harrison Street and Minnesota Street.

The notice is in effect until further notice.

It is not the first time that the waters of Hollywood Beach are contaminated

Last December 2021, the state authorities would also have issued an alert for the contamination of the waters in this area of ​​the South Florida coast.

On that occasion, the authorities warned that certain bacteria can cause illnesses related to swimming.

They also issued a pollution alert on Miami beaches

Last week, state authorities also issued an alert about the contamination of Miami Beach waters.

Officials advised the public to stay out of the water around Miami Beach’s Venetian Isles and Maurice Gibb Park.

In addition to this, a warning of no contact with the water would have been issued, and the main reason for the contamination in the area was attributed to the rupture of an underwater sewage line.

Said notice recommended not swimming or performing recreational water activities near this place until the pertinent tests are carried out and the contamination alert in the area is lifted. It was also learned that the kayak launch at Maurice Gibb Park was closed due to the pollution alert.

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